Monday, 10 December 2012

The Hardcore 2012

To The Hardcore,

On behalf of the SSF, it is with great pleasure I'd like to share with you the 'SSF Hardcore' Winter 2012 Edition.

The Hardcore originated as a Scottish Surfing Newsletter in the 1990s and captured the stories of the colourful personalities that were shaping Scottish Surfing at the time. In the dawn of the internet age however the old fashioned paper newsletter was left on the bookshelf and replaced by web based communication. 

In discussion with the rest of the SSF Committee Members earlier this year we wanted to find a way of bringing the Scottish surfing community closer together and thought a way of doing this would be to share the experiences of the Surfers of Scotland by telling their stories - your stories, the stories of the Hardcore.

Its been a busy year for the SSF and although we were unable to hold this years Gathering of the Clans due to lack of swell there has been a lot of developments on the Environmental, SportScotland and Joxy Girl fronts which are just coming to fruition - 2013 is set to be a busy and exciting year (and a little birdie tells me the swells gonna be pumping! ; ) )

Anyway I hope you enjoy the attached revitalised SSF Hardcore newsletter, we will gauge interest and if its considered successful by the SSF members and receive contributions for future episodes we will keep it alive!

Carpe Diem & Charge Hard!

William Watson


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gathering of the Clans 2012 - CANCELLED


In discussion with the Fraserburgh Locals and the SSF committee assessing the conditions for this weekend disappointedly I wish to inform you we've decided to CANCEL 'The Gathering of the Clans 2012'.

Its been an extremely tough call for this weekend but heres the rational to give you all a background behind the decision.


  • Long distance northerly swell,
  • Surf Forecasts still has a 12-13 second period remaining swell into Saturday morning.
  • Its a dying swell - Today its just overhead at the Broch Beach - the swells going to be dropping from here on in.
  • Although its a ground swell the strong S - SW will likely kill the ground swell or make it difficult to contest any of the small remaining swell if it stays windy.
  • We need a swell to be coming into the Broch beach (to utilise the facilities to gain shelter from the elements for a national comp this time of year) Given the small swell forecast - Philorth would likely be the more suitable a site candidate which would leave the event exposed to the weather.

'Its unfortunate that we have not been able to run this years Gathering of the Clans as planned but it hasn't been through lack of trying (having postponed 4 times already in the last few months due to poor conditions). Given the time of year I feel its best we draw our losses and focus on our preparations for the 2013 - with some new developments in the pipeline its set to be both a busy and exciting time for the SSF.''

W. Watson 

SSF President

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Thursday, 1 November 2012

SSF / UKPSA Judging Seminar

On the 25th of October 2012 the SSF hosted a judging course for SSF members at Caithness Horizons in Thurso which was taken by UKPSA Judges Ester Spears and Dave Reed.  A class of 13 attended the seminar.  The SSF hope to repeat similar events in the future.

SSF Raffle

A big thankyou to the businesses who donated prizes for the SSF raffle last weekend at the UKPST in Thurso. Proceeds went towards purchasing an SSF event banner.

Mission Mexico

Mision Mexico is a refuge in Tapachula, Mexico that cares for children who have been abused, abandoned, neglected and from extreme poverty. Please take a moment to visit their website.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gathering of the Clans 2012 Rescheduled

Due to a marginal forecast this weekend's Gathering of the Clans has once again been called off.

The new dates are the 10th and 11th of November at Fraserburgh beach.  Please keep an eye on the SSF website and Facebook page for the call next wednesday.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Scottish Lowland Comp Is ON! 22nd Sep

Hi Guys,

As the Gathering of the Clans has been cancelled we have decided (after a detailed discussion this afternoon down here) to call our Longboard comp on last minute (all welcome!).

Its not the best forecast but given the nature of our competition (longboards) and the amount of local young junior surfers (like 8-12 years) that have shown an interest we think there is probably just enough waves over the weekend to run a fun longboard comp.

Surf forecast for Saturday down here sees a small wave 1-2ft, more for the young ones and if its any bigger than predicted maybe fun for adult log divisions (heats etc). The predicted sunshine and light winds also makes for a nice Saturday for judging and spectators. If there is not enough surf for the adult divisions or finals on the Saturday, Sunday looks like providing a back up with an increasing ese swell in the 2-3ft range maybe bigger towards end of day.

We have check in at 10.30am-11am at linkfield car - middle car park for Belhaven beach on Saturday. If your running late or want a running order phone 07971 990361.

Here is a wee trailor for the comp using last years comp footage.

*** SSF Comp Updates - 21 Sep 2012 ***

*** SSF Comp Updates - 21 Sep 2012 ***

Well folks its been a bumpy start to the season with a few of the events being postponed as the Summer swells have tailed off. So with the dark nights drawing in, the water starting to get a little bit chillier and the north wind starting to blow we've decided to hold off all competitions until next July.................. 

How does that sit with you Hardcore bunch??? Hell NO???!!!! 

Right how about this revised comp diary for size.......

22nd-23rd September 
Belhaven Beach 
10:30 Check in 
(contact Sam 07971990361 for further details)

20-21st October 2012
Aberdeen Beach
(Contact Granite Reef (Further Details Shortly))

27-28th October 2012
(SSF REP - mark boyd (Further Details Shortly))

3rd-4th November
Fraserburgh Beach
(SSF REP - Me! (Further Details Shortly)

Get that winter steamer out the cupboard, get them arms warmed up and lets get ready for some swell winter swell action!

Hopefully see you in the water soon,



Saturday, 8 September 2012

Friday, 7 September 2012

Lowland Longboard Competition Update

THE LOWLAND LONGBOARD COMPETITION UPDATE : Due to another flat weekend in the South East we are cancelling again. Its now a slightly complicated situation due to the other comps organised this month. We are going to try and run our Competition on the 22/23rd SEP (this will only happen if Gathering of the Clans runs on their first date of the 15th/16th Sep, as the 22/23rd Sep is their backup date so don't want to clash). If they don’t get surf then our final potential date of this year will be 5th/6th Oct (back up for Granite Reef). Its not the best situation but if we don't run one of these dates we will lose most of the younger kids taking part in our comp which is one of our main priorities. If these dates don't happen its into next year April 2013. Next update will be 17th Sep on our website! Hope you all enjoy the solid atlantic swells !!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Scottish Lowland Longboard competition 2012

Coast to Coast Surf School are hosting the Scottish Lowland Longboard competition on 1/2nd Sep (back up if no surf on 8/9th Sep) at Belhaven. Categories include Men, Ladies, Junior U18, Junior U14 and Junior under 10. Surfers in the adults and under 18s sections must use a 9ft board or longer. U14s can use 8ft or bigger and U 10′s 7ft or bigger. If juniors or adults are keen to enter but don’t have boards in the correct size we will have a few extra boards on the beach that can be borrowed for heats. We are also hosting the first ever Scottish Stand Up Paddle surf competition to our knowledge and be great to see a good turn out in this new and exciting sport! Great prizes.
As with all our competitions it is not all serious and we welcome any watermen, women or kids to come along and just have fun! And as such we have a special free surf section where surf prizes for best wipe out and most radical look or outfit will be given! This competition celebrates the longer board and hopefully you’ll come along enter or chill and we will get a great turn out of long boarders young and old!

Dates for your calendar...

Scottish Lowlands Longboard 1st & 2nd September 2012 (8th & 9th September Back-up dates)
Gathering of the Clans 2012 - Fraserburgh 15th & 16th September 2012 (22nd & 23rd September Backup Dates)
Granite Reef Open 2012 - Aberdeen 29th & 30th September 2012 (6th & 7th October Backup Dates).

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2012

Scottish Surfing Championships 2012
The Scottish Surfing Championships were held on the 31st March 2012 at Castle Reef, Thurso in some challenging 3-5 ft surfing conditions. The day got off to a prompt start with the Junior division first hitting the water under the watchful eye of SSF lifeguard Mark Boyd with an outstanding performance by Jamie Bain of Fraserburgh taking an early lead. The early rounds of the Open and Senior divisions then followed leading into some extremely challenging conditions which prevailed through the Longboard event as the swell began to build with the pushing tide. Mark Boyd secured a close win ahead of Scottish Surfing veterans Iain Masson (previous 7x Scottish Open Champion) and Robbie McKay of Banff who was also recovering from a recent injury. This year also saw the largest number of Ladies to have ever entered the event many of whom were also giving the lads a run for their money in the open category with some extremely close surfing between Dee Ripoll, Sheila Leet, Sarah Dickson, Jill Noble and Shoana Blackadder. It was also an all Noble battle out in the senior division with Chris Noble edging ahead of George Noble in the closing minutes of the final to secure the victory.  The open final was a familiar scene with Boydie, Mark 'Scratch' Cameron and Chris being the top three for the last three years.  Ian Masson, a several time Scottish Champion had made an impressive comeback having surfed fluidly and stylishly throughout the competition and had been a standout in earlier heats.  Chris and Scratch had dominated the Scottish Nationals for the last 10years and Mark Boyd was hungry for victory having placed 3rd the four years prior and having won all his heats on route to the final including a convincing victory over defending champ Chris Noble in the semi finals.  The start of the open final was much slower than previous heats with not many set waves coming through.  Mark Cameron linked turns and a 360 on an inside wave to open his account.  The only goofy footer and youngest competitor in the final, Mark Boyd, narrowly missed the first set wave of the heat having tried to maintain priority over Chris Noble.  Chris caught the wave underneath Boydie and nailed two solid turns to open his account, getting the better of Scratch on this exchange.  Despite a couple of earlier poor wave choices by Cameron he found another insider in which he smoothly combined modern surfing with some classic turns.  Noble's experienced showed as he waited patiently out the back for another set, meanwhile Boydie wasted time on some smaller inside waves as he panicked.  Masson was also struggling to find anything substantial.  Boydie finally got a score on the board but it would need to be backed up to take the lead with only five minutes remaining.  Noble was in position for the final set of the heat after having waited patiently.  His first turn didn't quite connect right despite the wave selection being superior to Cameron's.  He finished the wave well however, with a radical snap on the inside section but it wouldn't be quite enough to take the top spot.  Less than a point separated Scratch and Chris for first and second place, Boydie took the prize for highest wave score of the event as well as another 3rd place finish in the open and Iain Masson came in fourth. “This has been the largest Scottish Surfing Championships we’ve held to date which is testament to the growth of the sport within the country and its clearly evident the standard has continued to improve year on year, its exciting times at present for the Scottish Surfing Federation as we prepare for celebrating 40 years of the Scottish Surfing Championships in early 2013“ William Watson Competition Director. The Scottish Surfing Federation would like to thank Mr Andy Bain, Patrick Murphy, Jason McIlvenny and Neil Simmonds for judging throughout the event as well as Granite Reef, Lunasurf and the Surfers Attic for sponsoring the event.

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2012 - Results


1. Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)
2. Chris Noble (Thurso)
3. Mark Boyd (Thurso)


1. Shoana Blackadder (Thurso)
2. Sarah Dickson (Aberdeen)
3. Jill Noble (Fraserburgh)


1. Mark Boyd (Thurso)
2. Iain Masson (Fraserburgh)
3. Robbie McKay (Macduff)


1. Jamie Bain (Fraserburgh)
2. Greg Millar (Banff)
3. Andrew Robertson (St Andrews)


1. Chris Noble (Thurso)
2. George Noble (Fraserburgh)
3. Mark Cameron (Fraserburgh)

The prize for highest scoring wave of the day went to Mark Boyd from Thurso.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2012 IS ON!!

Contest has been called on for this weekend.  See you at 8am, Thurso-East car park (be sharp).  SSF AGM in Caithness Horizons 7pm on Saturday

Friday, 2 March 2012

Wave North 2012

Please follow the link above for details on this years wave north festival...The SSF and Wave North are working together and SSF fundraising will take place during the festival which runs from the weekend of the Scottish National Surfing Championships until the following weekend, which is also the backup weekend for the Nationals should conditions not permit us to run on the first weekend.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Scottish National Surfing Championships 2012

The Scottish Nationals will take place in Thurso on the weekend of the 31st of March 2012.  Should conditions not be good enough for the contest to run the following weekend will be used as the backup date.  As per usual keep your eye on for updates and the call which is usually made on the Wednesday before the contest